The Dwyer Archives

A collection of rare documents, photos, and videos related to the life of R.Budd Dwyer.



The CTA Scandal of 1986 by Delaney Cole
The CTA Contract - The Signature that Brought Down Dwyer
Senate Resolution Honoring the Memory of Budd Dwyer
FBI Interview with John Torquato Jr. Part I*
FBI Interview with John Torquato Jr. Part II*
Robert Asher and R.Budd Dwyer Indictment
Trial Notes - Dwyer's Testimony*
Dwyer's Letter to President Reagan Asking for a Pardon
Closing Arguments of the CTA Trial by Prosecutor James West*
Trial Notes from William Smith's Wife*
CTA Trial Notes from Federal Source*
* Originally released by Yardbird Books


Extended panel discussion with Dwyer's children Dee Dee and Rob Dywer; Budd Dwyer's sister, Mary Kun; the director of the film, James Dirschberger; and author Bill Keisling. Moderated by Dennis Owens of WHTM.This panel discussion was held on November 11, 2011 at the Midtown Cinema in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


Budd Dwyer Scrapbook